spinfrog: small frog surfing the intrawebz (29 and 87 at 2009 Stanley Cup)
( Aug. 26th, 2012 05:31 pm)
I wonder how it affects a person, being hated from a very young age, by both ones' peers and their families.. being threatened and called names AS A LITTLE KID.. If loads of people wish you would just go away and stop "stealing their spotlight" or their kids' spotlight... and will do all the nasty mean little stuff to you on the ice from, like, the age of SEVEN. Like, hitting your wrists with their stick over and over during face-offs, aiming pucks at your face... And any time you "whine" to those who are supposed to enforce the rules, you gets shit for it, so you gotta just shut up and take it and learn to dish it back.. like, does that make one have some ...anger issues?


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