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( Apr. 6th, 2011 02:15 pm)
Watching Gerard do an acoustic version of Sing reminded me of anther video.. I haven't watched it in a while, but I had to go find it. Here is Steve Carlson doing The One That Got Away. I love how much of himself he puts into this, just one dude, playing acoustic guitar and singing a new song for the very first time. It's pretty intense and chills-giving, IMO..

..I am kind of sad that if Steve hits The Bitter End in NYC at the end of his European tour, like he's done in 2009 & 2010, I won't be there to see him this year. Why you no like Orlando, all musicians I want to see?? :/

ETA: Oh! If you happen to want and not have the full version of: The One Who Got Away.

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( Apr. 6th, 2011 02:13 pm)
So, I went and ruined Neon Trees for myself by reading their wikipedia page, where it says they are all practicing mormons, and then further googling to find that people believe that N.T. songs are "about their faith". Thank Goddess I did not already like them, every time I find out that a band consists of deeply religious Christians, it becomes impossible for me to enjoy their music. Um. No offense meant to all of you who are Christians, obviously your religious beliefs are none of my business, I just don't need to listen to you sing about it, you know?
OK, I survived being in the pit, and here's my story :P

Bad Rabbits played first. They are ok and kind of fun, but I still dont really like them. But yey for no extra opener local band \o/

TYV came out. Ryan carried equipment this time and helped set up. He was drinking hot tea and possibly mentioned being sick. I still really like all their songs, esp the two Jon sings!

Also: ppl who told me the other day that Ryan Ross has no ass are WRONG ON THE INTERNET. I was right at the stage, in the front row, and I saw it with my own eyes! So there ;)

Also also: OMG Jon was sweating so much it looked like it was raining around him! I was so lucky to be standing in front of Andy! Nick Murray got to play a solo-ish type thing before Change! Ryan was like "hey Nick can you do something" or w/e, and he did... still not all that impressed with him, but he is good and these songs are still new to him, hopefully by June he'll be all "I rock" and twirling drumsticks and showing off and shit... At least Jon didn't say "ok... drummer?" like he did in Tampa when Nick missed his cue to start a song....

...this time around it was Jon telling the "in Africa Ryan fell for a girl 2hrs after we got there and almost got married except she already had a husband in prison" story, smirking at Ryan the whole time... could this story really be true? My vote's still on "totall bullshit", but Jon is a good story teller!

Foxy Shazam is still my favorite! I had a two hr drive NYC-Atlantic City, so I was planning to stay until they played Unstoppable and then go, but I ended up watching their whole set... AGAIN. Alex and Eric are soooo good! But just one froggin' time I want to come to a Foxy Shazam show and when Eric asks "does anyone have any cigarettes I can eat?" I want everyone to say "NO!!!" dammit. I bet he wished that too...


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