OK, when I was first reading about this one, I got the usual excitement I get each time the PA makes a new proposal. Like, "Ooh, this is a good one! They can definitely negotiate something from this! Hockey any minute how! Weee!" But then the more I read/heard, the more I became convinced that this proposal is like the PA giving the owners the finger. I mean, obviously I hope that Snider and Lemieux have convinced like 15-18 other owners to join the anti-lockout camp, and that they will force negotiation from this proposal, and we'll have hockey by, like, end of January.. but honestly, I fully expect a flat out NO to come from the NHL any second now, and, like, Daly going "we are very disappointed, we keep giving HUGE (imaginary) concessions, but the players refuse to give an inch (just agree to indentured servitude and that owners can decide what to pay you, cattle!) and it is clear that even though we keep giving our best offers, the players keep refusing to negotiate! No hockey season for you, SO THERE!"... :/
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