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([personal profile] spinfrog Sep. 17th, 2012 12:12 pm)
I am disappointed to see people continue to fangirl Drew Doughty. I'd like to point out a couple of things, in case you've forgotten:

1. Any woman knows that accusing any dude of rape will likely result in people ridiculing her and calling her a slut. If a dude is at all rich or famous, she'll be called a greedy slut. This is why only about 3% of rapes are reported.

2. Only about 3% of reported rapes get a conviction. Does this mean the other 97% of "alleged victims" were vicious lying greedy sluts? Or does it mean most rapists get away with it because our culture and judicial system are fucked up?

I chose to believe that most women are not deceitful, not hateful, not stupid, would not attempt to destroy another person's reputation for money. I chose to believe that this girl was not trying to trap this dude into marriage or make money off him.

We all have personally seen abundant evidence that a lot of men feel entitled to take from women whatever they want, without thought of concent, because they can. Is it so hard to believe that this large strong well-liked man took whatever he wanted from a woman and knew he would get away with it? And he did. And if this is the kind of man he is, we all know this woman is just one of many women he's done it to. All of you still fangirling Drew Doughty, are you like those little idiots who fangirl Chris Brown and say he can beat you up?
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