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( Sep. 11th, 2012 07:18 pm)
There needs to be some kind of a crossover thing, like, Disney/Hockey RPF, maybe? Or "the ladies of Twightlight date hockey players"... or maybe even "hockey players from Camp BioSteel go to SxSW and sleep their way through loads of bandom ppl"....or, like, Sidney Crosby goes to Hogwarts? Evgeni Malkin the exchange student from Durmstrang Institute? That's GOT to exist? Right? Patrick Kane the Slytherin and Jonathan Toews the Gryffindor? C'mon! :D!

And, of course, the big question: why doesn't anyone want to talk about Sochi2014 ice hockey men's team from USA getting stranded at the airport in London and US officials noticing the large number of US bands at some music festival in nearby Poland? I say, by Winter 2014 FOB has reunited for a short tour, and Pete and Andy suddenly find themselves trying to play defense and block pucks (Andy is awesome at chirping, of course)... Ryan Ross maybe regrets leaving Panic! when he hears about how Brendon is even good as a winger....


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