dude's same size as Kaner (5'11" & 194 lbs), but plays like he's Brent Seabrook, obv. ppl of St Louis kinda like him..

Oshie is kind of a badass..

Also see: this tweet referring to Oshie seriously mowing down Dustin Penner, 6'4" and 245 lbs, yeah Pancakes outweighs Oshie by FIFTY POUNDS and has 5 inches on him *g*

pre-requisite pic with Jonny Toews:

most people know that Oshie and Toews went to college together, but did you know that as a freshman, TJ led the team in schoring?

..solemnly swear that I'm up to no good:

He's one of those poor bastards whose birthday is two days before xmas :P

Oshie broke his ankle in 2010 in a fight with Sammy Pahlsson. He also got the ligaments in both his wrists messed up in 2011. Apparently, he still has all his teeth though? *\o/*

Also in 2011, TJ missed one practice and for that he was suspended (with pay) for two games. He donated those two paychecks to a couple of Blues' charities.

TJ's own charity, The Oshie Sports Foundation, is for helping hockey community in NW Minnesota / NE North Dakota. His father is the CEO/President/owner. There is even a T.J. Oshie Hockey Scholarship Fund!

bonus Bobby Ryan and cats:




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