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I wonder how it affects a person, being hated from a very young age, by both ones' peers and their families.. being threatened and called names AS A LITTLE KID.. If loads of people wish you would just go away and stop "stealing their spotlight" or their kids' spotlight... and will do all the nasty mean little stuff to you on the ice from, like, the age of SEVEN. Like, hitting your wrists with their stick over and over during face-offs, aiming pucks at your face... And any time you "whine" to those who are supposed to enforce the rules, you gets shit for it, so you gotta just shut up and take it and learn to dish it back.. like, does that make one have some ...anger issues?
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If you're suggesting that Sid has a future as the Hockey Hulk, I am entirely willing to pick up what you're putting down.
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I'm entirely sure Sid did it. But - I guess it doesn't really bother me? I don't think he has any obligation to be perfect. He seriously lost his temper and I am not at all surprised. He had a lot to be pissed off about - the way they were treating him, and also the way he wasn't quite up to his own standards of absolute perfection. The combination was pretty deadly for him.

And you're right. He's been a target his entire life. And for the majority of that time, he's been in a situation where if he responds in any way, it makes things worse for him, because yeah he gets accused of whining or diving on the ice, and then it becomes a huge thing off the ice. I mean, remember Kesler's lovely tumbleweed dive? People mostly thought it was funny. Sid would have been crucified. Kesler ACTUALLY DIVES, which Sid does not, and gets less shit about diving than Sid does.

I think Kane was lucky in that he grew up somewhere where hockey was less of a religion - like, they love hockey in Buffalo, but it isn't Canada. I don't think Kane's teammates and their parents and everyone else around took it as seriously. He certainly seems to have been mistreated less than Sid was. (There were probably other factors that helped Kane, too.)

And, yeah, people are super hard on kids on sports teams. The other parents particularly are fucking awful. And these are kids who are just - being kids, playing sports, with no thought of ever going pro.


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