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I really REALLY dislike Nail Yakupov, I hope he goes to a team I never have to see play :|
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How come? (I have no feelings about him one way or the other, so I'm curious.)
thefourthvine: Geno Malkin and Sidney Crosby wish each other good luck. (Hockey Geno/Sid)

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Right now, I'm disposed to like the Russian players, just because they're being treated really shittily by the media and, like, the NHL right now. (So, so tired of hearing everyone talk about how unreliable Russians are, or how they don't take training seriously, or whatever, when - uh, Geno Malkin, guys. Pavel Datsyuk. WTF? The very picture of guys who don't try hard and who give up when things get rough and are also super insular and hard to work with, am I right?)

I also know (thanks solely to Marina's primer!) that Nail is currently being put through the press wringer on two different continents, and, wow, being a Muslim Russian professional hockey player must be DELIGHTFUL. BUT I also did not see that interview after Russia beat Canada. (Uh, actually, I have not seen any interviews, on account of I really do not do well with watching stuff, and have to save my limited watching time for. Like. LA Kings tributes and Pens interviews and gorgeous saves and goals. You know. CRITICALLY IMPORTANT STUFF.) So you could be entirely right that he's full of himself! In which case I will probably hate him in due time.

It will be interesting to see what the Oilers do with him, though. It's like they're collecting the full set of young forwards. I keep waiting for them to yell, "BINGO!"

And oh speaking of draftees, OMG did you read about Radek Faksa? HE LIVED BY HIMSELF IN A HOTEL. FROM THE AGE OF ELEVEN. Hockey, what do you DO to these kids?

(And, oh god, I am so sad about Jordy. I mean. As soon as he turned down the contract, they had to trade him, and I guess I knew that. (Except I was totally hoping they wouldn't.) And I'd heard he wanted to go play with Eric. But. HE'S OURS, DAMN IT. I WANTED TO KEEEEEEEEP HIM. And now he isn't ours anymore. Sadness. And on his wedding day. SADFACES FOREVER.)
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SORRY FOR BUTTING IN but I was just cruising my network and somehow came across this post and NOW I MUST COMMENT because I've seen ALL THE NAIL THINGS and many of them didn't actually make it into the primer (because I told myself NO MORE PRIMERS and kept trying to make it a picspam >_<)

Anyway, yeah, Nail was part of team Russia for the Junior Championship and they beat Canada in the semi finals and then LOST THE GOLD TO SWEDEN in the final game, lolol. But, like when he was doing U16 the year before, beating Canada was what really mattered, to him and the rest of Team Russia. He talked about how they were so drunk off BEATING CANADA OMG after that game they actually had to take a break and get their heads together and refocus for the Sweden game because as far as they were concerned Canada was really their main rival and beating them was the biggest challenge of the tournament.

But yeah there's an interview with him right after the game where he's out of breath and struggles with the English and basically goes FUCK YEAH WE BEAT CANADA BECAUSE WE'RE NUMBER ONE ASSHOLES AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO THE FUCK HOME :D :D :D And it is totally braggy (which I've never minded in players but I know a lot of hockey fandom does?) but came across to me as someone being 17-18 and REALLY EXCITED post game and just rambling about how awesome they were and how happy they were that they won.

Elsewhere in interviews (again, like 50% of the interviews I read with Nail and actually found interesting made it to the primer because I DID NOT HAVE ALL MY WEEKEND TO SPEND ON THAT SHIT) he's always come across as almost unreasonably humble and focused, to me (of course opinions may vary).

He was once asked whether he was proud of being labeled "Russian Rookie Sensation" so early in his career and he replied that he was happy, of course, but that it meant nothing and was just "an advance on all the hard work he hadn't even begun doing yet" in living up to the hype. Whenever he's been compared to Bure or Ovechkin or whatever (for example Ovechkin was also a sensation but he didn't get drafted till he was 20, Bure was picked in like the 18th round of the draft, etc) he keeps saying that those comparisons are pointless because those guys are actually NHL players and he hasn't actually done a single thing in his life yet. He's not an NHL player, he hasn't scored any goals there, hasn't achieved anything. In one interview he says "those guys have all won awards" and lists the championships and awards they've won and mentions how he's never won anything, not a single tournament or championship, always coming in 2nd or 3rd.

He's very confident, which I think is mostly his dad and his agent (Larionov) teaching him that projected confidence is everything, so he keeps talking about how hard he's going to work, how he wants to be the best and doesn't want to be compared to past or existing stars, but he also came from a very solid, professional hockey background with his family and he's absolutely not someone I see being overconfident and full of himself, at least right now. He seems like a kid who's sort of hoping that with enough determination and hard work he'll be good enough to make all his dreams come true, but he's very aware of how far away from that he is right now.


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